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Kongsberg X20 Light Sign


  • 1343061
  • 2020
  • Bucharest, Rumänien
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  • ESKO
  • Kongsberg X20 Light Sign

Sehen Details ESKO Kongsberg X20 Light Sign

  • 2020
  • 0
  • Used ESKO Kongsberg cutting table
    Manufactured in Dec 2018
    Installed in Feb 2020
    Counter: only 1600 working hours
    Working area: 1680x1270 mm
    Including basic X20 starter table, felt cutting underlay, shipping crates
    FlexiHead with 3 insert positions
    6kW vacuum pump
    PC & iPC Sign Standard
    Table mains: 230V
    Pump mains: 3 x 380 V
    iCut Production Console software
    Tools :
    Basic Folding Carton Kit
    Multi Purpose High Frequency(MP-HF) Knife Tool (for cutting corrugate cardboard)
    Folding carton crease tool (15mm) including crease wheels
    Crease Tool (60 mm for creasing corrugate cardboard)
    Psaligraphy knife tool, incl. 2x SR6150 and 2x SR6151 blades
    3 G42445494 BLD-SR6150
    3 G42461251 BLD-SR6151
    Rigid Material Knife tool (for 8mm knife blades)
    Kiss Cutting Knife tool (including 6x sign foil knife blades)
    Including 2 different pressure springs
    Including 3xKC101+3xKC102 knife blades
    Removable & adjustable depth control cup
    Hand tool for knife blade change
  • 1343061
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